Here are festivals Hope has been officially selected to be a part of in 2017.

Love Hurts Film Festival
Glasgow, Scotland
A celebration of short films illuminating the dark and twisted side of romance, Love Hurts Film Festival takes place in Glasgow, Scotland this Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2017.
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Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival
Manchester, England
A week-long celebration at the end of March where true independent talent and fresh voices are showcased with the opportunities to have their work gain global exposure.
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Horror @ The Hooker
Brattleboro, Vermont
Horror At The Hooker (HATH) is an on-going monthly horror film series at The Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont.
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Toronto International Spring of Horror & Fantasy Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
Toronto Spring of Horror and Fantasy was created to give people of Toronto access to quality genre films throughout the year.
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BoneBat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival
Redmond, Washington
The BoneBat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest is an annual evening of giggles and gore, where we present the finest in independent Comedy/Horror features and shorts from around the world…
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Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival
Tokyo, Japan
Lift-Off currently has festivals in Manchester, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Seoul, Sydney, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. The Lift-Off Global network is more than a film festival it is a professional showcase…
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Best Film Festival

Indie Flicks Film Festival
Manchester, England
IndieFlicks is the UK’s monthly film festival, supporting the best up and coming filmmakers from around the world. IndieFlicks is continuously growing, hosting simultaneous screenings in London, Liverpool, Manchester & Sheffield.
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Phoenix ComiCon Film Festival
Phoenix, AZ
Our convention and festival has been around for over a decade and continues to grow and gain more notice from the film community. Featuring filmmakers from the southwest, Hollywood, and the world we are a great place to showcase your films!
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Portland Horror Film Festival
Portland, OR
Portland Horror Film Festival™ is an international festival of terror, bringing horror from around the world to creepy Portland, OR. The Pacific Northwest is a creepy place. It can be dark and gloomy, but even when it is sunny and warm, the shadows in this tree-filled land run deep with a dark history.
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StokerCon Final Frame Film Festival
Long Beach, CA
In conjunction with StokerCon2017, the Horror Writers Association is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Final Frame Horror Short Film Competition: A new celebration of succinct horrors selected from around the globe. Who will make it to the Final Frame?
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*Best Comedy Short – Bloodstained Indie (Japan, 2017)
*Best Short Film & Horror/Comedy – Cinemafantasique (CAN, 2017) – https://cinemafantastique.org/
*Most Original & Audience Choice – Desmond District Demons (US, 2017)
*Best Short & Special Effects – Diabolical Horror (Online, 2017)
*Best Practical Effects – Frostbite (Online, 2017)
*Best Horror Comedy Short & Gore – Hollywood (US, 2017)
*Best Makeup effects – HorroHaus (US, 2017)
*Best Short, Writing, Actor, Humor & Special Effects – Independent Horror Movie Awards – (Online, 2017)
*Best Director & Short – Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi (US, 2017)
*Best Horror FIlm – Lilliputian (US, 2017)
*Best Prosthetics Makeup – Oniros (Italy, 2017)
*Best Comedy – Phoenix Comicon (US, 2017)
*Best International Short – Puerto Rico Comic Con (PR, 2017)
*Best Experimental – SoCal Clips Indie (US, 2017)
*Best Horror Short, Direction, Actor – Something Wicked (US, 2017)
*Gold Award Winner – Spotlight Horror Film Awards (US, 2017)
*Best Horror Short, DOP, Actor & Screenplay – Terror Film Fest (US, 2017)
*Best Short, Screenplay & Score – Terror In The Bay (US, 2017)
*Best Screenplay – Sin City Horror Fest (US, 2017)

*Apocalypse Later (US, 2017)
*Beacon Independent (US, 2017)
*Best Film Fest (US, 2017)
*Bonebat Comedy of Horrors (US, 2017)
*Canada West (CAN, 2018)
*Calgary Horror Con (CAN, 2017)
*Chicago Horror (US, 2017)
*Chilliwack Independent (CAN, 2017)
*Cryptshow Festival (Spain, 2017)
*DarkVeins Horror (Italy, 2017)
*Dead Witch (US, 2017)
*Diamond In The Rough (US, 2017)
*Dragon Con Independent Short (US, 2017)
*Edmonton International (CAN, 2017)
*End Of Days (US, 2018)
*Fargo Fantastic (US, 2017)
*Filmquest (US, 2017) – http://www.filmquestfest.com/
*Final Frame Stoker Con (US, 2017)
*Horror At The Hooker (US, 2017)
*Horror Avenue (US, 2018)
*Indie Flicks International (UK, 2017)
*Indie Horror (US, 2018)
*International Horror & Sci-Fi (US, 2017)
*Killer Valley (US, 2017)
*Knoxville Horror (US, 2017)
*Landshuter (Germany, 2017)
*Leeds International (UK, 2017) – https://www.leedsfilmcity.com/
*Lift-Off Film Festivals London, Manchester, Toyko, Vancouver & NY Online (UK, 2017) – https://www.lift-off-festivals.com/
*Love Hurts (UK, 2017)
*Macoproject (Online, 2017)
*Midwest Horror Fest (US, 2017)
*Miscon International (US, 2017)
*New Jersey Horror Con (US, 2017)
*Night Terrors (Denmark, 2018)
*Nola Horror Fest (US, 2017)
*Northeast Wisconsin Horror (US, 2017)
*Ottawa Spookshow (US, 2017)
*PDX treme (US, 2017)
*Portland Horror (US, 2017)
*Silver Screen (US, 2017)
*Slash (Austria, 2017)
*Spring Of Horror & Fantasy (CAN, 2017)
*Saint Cloud (US, 2017)
*Super Geek (US, 2017)
*Telluride Horror Show (US, 2017)
*The Optical Theatre Horror (Italy, 2017)
*Underground FilmFest (US, 2017)
*UGFF (Italy, 2017)
*Unreal FilmFest (US, 2017)
*Upstate NY Horror (2017)
*Woodengate (US, 2017)
*Zed Fest (US, 2017)

* Alternative Film Festival (CAN, 2017)
* European “Mainstream & Underground” (Russia, 2017)
* Hope Film Awards (US, 2017)
* Shiver (CAN, 2017)

* Austin Revolution (US, 2017)
* Best Short Fest (CAN, 2017)
* LA Cinefest (US, 2017)

* London International Story First (UK, 2017)
* Best Art Direction (CAN, 2017) – Okotoks
* Best Kill, Gore, Music, Sound, Editing, Cinematography & Director – Independent Horror Movie Awards (Online, 2017)