Highlights from The Phoenix Film Festival 2018 – Part 3

April 29, 2018 The Movie Guys

One of my favorites on the horror end of shorts was Adam Losurdo and Chris Stival’s Hope, turning the zombie genre on its rotted ear. Director Losurdo unravels a poignant tale of peaceful zombies that have no desire for human flesh. They merely wander around looking for meaning. One zombie in particular, Karl, pines over a dead partner, Hope. His quest is sadly rocky since those alive tend to bully the walking dead, punching, stabbing, and shooting them at times. Even a zombie can only take so much, especially when losing hope. Losurdo and Stival’s story is simple and, at the same time, highly inventive. It’s as if they give the zombies a new purpose and a reason for the outcome that we accept without question. At the same time, they pepper their story with good humor and a great deal of humanity…even though their lead character is dead.

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